Whether you’re lounging on your patio or taking a much-needed vacay, you’ll need simple solutions for a stylish outdoor space. We scoured the internet, so you don’t have to, and found the cutest patio couture out there! In no particular order, we start off with:

Good Lighting

One fun idea is to add lights to an over the table rod, for two reasons: one, it gives you more room for dishes than lanterns and large candles that take up table space, and 2) the soft lights are flattering on everyone, perfect for taking pictures or setting a romantic scene.

Make the Great Outdoors Yours

Another effortless idea is to add a colorful outdoor rug to your patio or porch. A beautiful rug can really showcase your personality and make your deck look extra inviting to your guests. If you want to change up your look easily, consider keeping your sofas and chair cushions neutral (think white, grey, or navy blue) and using bright colors for your accent pillows and rugs.

Here’s one of our best combinations yet: this kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens Madison Ave set, throw pillows from Duck Covers, and a Happy Blooms rug from the Classic Accessories® + Vera Bradley® collection. These playful pillows and rugs add a pop of color that will make everyone fall in love with your space.

It’s Plant-tastic

Nothing says ‘summer’ more than beautiful, green plants. “But Blogger,” you gasp, “I’m traveling a lot this summer and don’t want anything to wilt while I’m away!” Fret not, dear reader, we’ve got a creative solution for you: paper plants! We adore this idea for a few reasons: they are easy to make, there’s no dirt or watering needed, AND you can make this into an arts and crafts project with the kiddos! Check out the steps below in this video from Ventuno Arts:

Place all your beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations on our gorgeous plant stand (pictured below). Perfect for a sunroom or the patio, the black and white mosaic tiles highlight your plant collection, pictures, or anything else you want to display.

And When You Need to Explore New Horizons…

We have got you covered-literally-when you’re out and about this summer. Make your backyard stylish even when you’re not using your space with Soteria covers, pictured below:

These covers have got it all: waterproof seams, durable, PVC-backed fabric, click-close buckles for those windy nights, and we have covers for your entire patio set, making your space look coordinated and smart.

I Gotta Have It All!

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